CM-1 Use of Buildings
CM-2 Legal Consultation
CM-3 Administrative Absences
CM-4 The Purchase of Flowers and Plants for Commemorative Purposes
CM-5 Statement of Principles - Faculty Clinical Practice LSUHSC
CM-6 Funding Salaries Grants
CM-7 Drug Free Workplace and Workforce
CM-8 Policy on AIDS (HIV) and Hepatitis Virus (HBV)
CM-9 State Mandated Scholarship Program
CM-10 Smoking Policy
CM-11 Statement of The Student Role and Participation in Institutional Decision Making
CM-12 Guidelines for the Responsible Use of Alcohol at the LSU Health Sciences Center
CM-13 Use of Voice Mail in the LSU Health Sciences Center
CM-14 Usage of Electronic Mail
CM-15 Sponsoring Foreign Physicians For Graduate Medical Education/Training on an H-1B Visa
CM-16 Campus Fundraising
CM-17 Delinquent Medical Records
CM-18 Information Technology (IT) Infrastructure
CM-19 Information System Guidelines
CM-20 Employment of Impaired Healthcare Professionals
CM-21 Student Responsibilities and Rights
CM-22 Initial Matriculation of Impaired Otherwise-Acceptable Applicants
CM-23 Policy on Conflict of Interest
CM-24 Indirect Cost for Industry Sponsored and Private Donor Sponsored Research Agreements
CM-25 Affiliate Agreement forHumanSubjects Research
CM-26 Tech Transfer Assignment Agreement
CM-27 Recession of Awarded Degrees
CM-28 Use of Broadcast Email
CM-29 Group Travel Exemption Request
CM-31 LSUHSC Shreveport Values and Core Principles
CM-32 Extramural Research Projects
CM-33 Policy on Repositories of Human Tissue and Databanks for Research Purposes
CM-34 University Travel Regulations
CM-35 Residency Appeals
CM-36 Travel Leave
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